John Natsoulas Art Gallery

Wired woman with an Umbrella at John Natsoulas Art Gallery

Yesterday, I visited an the John Natsoulas Art Gallery. The gallery, located on E street in Davis downtown was a quiet little cafe and a temporary home to arts that are priced mostly in the four-digit range. I went through all four floors of the art gallery, including the roof top, which hosted my most favorite displays that day.

The open-roof deck of the building was hit directly by the sun and was empty except for about ten or twelve wired sculptures bathing in the light and enjoying the breeze. The weather was pleasant that day: cloudless, yet cool, with a light, refreshing wind. The wind made the wired sculptures boast their most unique trait: some of their parts were mobile. A woman with a wired silhouette raises her umbrella above her head, her dress splashed with sparkling, blue raindrops. The umbrella’s top spins around like a carousel, jewels dangling from its mushroom-headed shape. To the right of the elegant woman, a slender man points his trumpet at the sky. A cymbal-like figure arranged above the magician’s head swings round and round.

Wired Man with Trumpet

I was impressed by the convincing way the designer(s) of these sculptures incorporated human characteristics into his creations. The wired people are charming, pretty, and even cute. The sculptures portrayed people in their everyday lives, encouraging viewers to go outdoors, even in rain or shine, wind, and dust. The way the jewels catches the light almost represented the way our skin soaks up the sun as we venture outside. The top floor of the John Natsoulas Art Gallery is worth an adventure if one wants to see a set of beautiful and special sculptures.


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