Stone Soup

Our Group’s finished Design 1 Stone Soup Project, 10/7/10
On Tuesday, we were blessed with dry and cool weather, making our Design 1 Stone Soup project an exciting way to spend our morning. The stone soup project was inspired by a children’s book written in 1975 by Marcia Brown. All students were required to bring in at least four objects to contribute to a group work the same way hungry soldiers in the book combined assorted ingredients in a village to cook a hearty soup. I thought of our design event as being more like a potluck since only some materials were selected to add to the meal. 
The event was basically like living kindergarten all over again. Many groups had their paints and brushes out, others had lots of construction paper and string. I brought objects that were flat and circular, which included a Tylenol cap, hair ties in assorted colors, a black ribbon tied in a bow, and a glowstick curled into a bracelet. I arrived late to the construction process of my group’s project and interpreted what they currently had as the roof to a house with a bunny sitting in the chimney. It was an abstract concept; I followed by tying the black ribbon around the chimney and adding my elastic bands to the pieces of cardboard sticking up from the four corners of the roof’s bottom. My group members described the near finished project as a “spaceship with a bunny throne on top.”  I remember slightly nodding my head and thinking, “okay, that works.” A nice trait of design is the freedom to interpret things as one likes. Different people may have dissimilar views on the meaning of a design, and that’s fine. 
Birds-eye view of project in the making. I wasn’t here at the time :[
Our group was sitting on the edge of a well-like location, the bunny spaceship in the center of the well. I think that the birds-eye view of the bunny spaceship caused us to pay more attention to embellishing what we saw from the top of the model than what we saw from the sides, front, or back. The sides of the cardboard “roof” were painted with creamy blue and green swirls. A sky blue tissue box was wedged into the center of the cardboard “roof,” a little pink bunny sitting proudly with gold foliage. Cootiecatchers, which looked like newspaper flowers clinged to the sides of the roof, adding more elegance to the project.


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