Can Good UX be as positive as Bad UX can be negative?


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I think that Good UX cannot be as positive as Bad UX can be negative because bad UX can have a greater impact on our lifestyle.

For example, I played a new online game that launched about three months ago. I really enjoyed it even though there were a few bugs here and there. This was understandable since the game had just started out. I caught onto the controls easily, and was quickly immersed in the game’s world of bright graphics, lively monsters, and ample character customization options. There was one caveat though. The game was entirely in Korean. I do not speak or understand Korean. Can I still say that my experience with the game was positive? Yes…It would have been better if I could read the game. But UX does not equal Usability. My experience was clearly not as positive as someone who can speak and understand Korean, but I still had a good time. Despite my positive experience with the game, even if the entire game was in English, I probably would not have continued playing it anyway. I soon became too busy. This goes to show that despite having a positive experience with the game, it wasn’t enough entice me to continue playing it.

Bad UX on the other hand is much more invasive and memorable. The other day, my mother requested that I order a shirt for her from the JCPenney website. She only knew the brand name and the style that she wanted, but didn’t know the name of the item itself. It was pretty easy to find what she was looking for anyway. All I had to do was sort the items by brand name, item type, and color. When I went to check out, it all went downhill from there. After I had entered all the information needed to have the shirt delivered to our doorstep, I clicked “submit.” The page gave me an indecipherable error. I didn’t know if the order went through so I called customer service. The customer service representative was a sweet gal and walked me through my order. All I had to do was tell her the item number of the shirt I wanted and confirm my personal information. In the end we still got our shirt, but in the future I knew to steer clear from ordering anything through JCPenney’s website. What I thought would be a simple task ended up being too frustrating to continue with.

Has anyone else had a Good UX, but would never do it again?


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