Design in Business: Restaurant layouts

Interior of Mint Leaf Cuisine
Chicken dish at Mint Leaf Cuisine

Over the weekend, I visited a beautiful restaurant in Saratoga, CA downtown called Mint Leaf Cuisine. The restaurant has an amazingly serene, romantic atmosphere night or day. It is often agreed that too much in too little of a space is unappealing; however, Mint Leaf Cuisine makes their plethora of decorations work together. For such a small restaurant, the decorations are extremely elaborate with much consideration to its design. Streamers, pots of flowers, waterfalls, and more ornaments are arranged in an uncondensed manner. A burgundy, gold, and silver theme surrounds the customers as they dine in dim light. There is no distracting rock music accompanying a fine meal, making it easy for family members to chat quietly. The food is rather affordable for its high quality and impressive presentation. One dish that I ordered, called the lollipop chicken, had a dainty presentation. Little chicken drumsticks are stacked neatly atop a cucumber and drizzled in a red sauce. Cherry tomatoes align the side, filling in the gaps between the four chicken drumsticks. The green of the cucumber contrasted nicely with the red sauce, making the dish rather attractive to the eyes.

Dining in a fancy restaurant as such made me ponder design’s role in the beginnings of businesses. When a restaurant is started, determining costs and what is served on the menu is just a minor part of planning. The arrangement of each dish must be carefully blueprinted so that it is appealing to its consumer’s eyes. The atmosphere of the restaurant must be decided depending on the type of guests the restaurant hopes to attract. Most restaurants consider a family-friendly design. This is easier for businesses because they do not have to worry about friends requesting separate tabs.


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