Design is Dangerous: Guns, virtual, toys, or real

Airsoft Pistols

Let me bring you back to what you’ve learned in your old middle school US history class. The second amendment to the US constitution gives citizens the right to bear arms. Guns are dangerous, yet their usage is embraced in the media, particularly in action films. As we’ve seen in many James Bond movies, guns are deadly weapons designed with the potential to kill. In my opinion, guns are a cowardly way to induce fear in others because they allow the user to exude power while maintaining a self-protective state. Bullets are small and fast, making them impossible to dodge at short distances.

As technology advances, guns have become more compact and more effective, giving people the comfort of secrecy and relief of increased protection. The fear of gun possession has even lead to increased pat-downs at the airport. There have been many serious debates in the United States regarding gun laws. Some argue that the gun laws should be tightened, others advocate banning guns altogether.

Now remember in the 1920s how alcohol was banned, leading to increased illegal activities? The same may happen with guns. It may be impossible to ban guns altogether; furthermore, a country without protection leaves itself vulnerable to foreign intervention. Guns may not have a completely negative impact on society, as it provides entertainment to different folks, including those who find leisure in hunting game.

It is hard not to admit that children’s toys continue to be influenced by this dangerous weapon. Airsoft and BB gun’s continue to be popular products on the market. If children are not taught properly by their parents that guns (toy or not) should never be pointed at humans or if a child grows up in an area where she/he feels threatened frequently, allowing toy guns to thrive on the market is a bad idea. This apprehension of encouraging kids to view guns as toys is seen through censoring of guns in video games and animated television shows.

Guns are used not only as weapons, but also as a universal form of entertainment for all ages. When used in a harmless way, such as merely play toys or virtual weapons, they satiate the hunger for real human-to-human violence. When used with the intention to kill or defend oneself, that is when we must question its ethics in society.


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