Form & Content in OBJECTIFIED

Henry Ford once said, “Every object tells a story…if you know how to read it.” In the film Objectified by Gary Hustwit, it is proven that many objects designed today do not match in form and content. Take Apple products for example. Senior vice president of industrial design at Apple considers, “why is [an object designed] like that and not like this…in this sense, you are constantly designing.” Often the design; meaning the shape, texture, and appearances of the object, have nothing to do with the function of the object. An iPhone is sleek and plain, which contrasts with its multiple functions and 24-7 internet access. Often designers create things from the outside to the inside rather than the opposite. Bill Moggridge from IDEO brings up the concept of interaction design, where the function of the design matters more than the look. Moggridge realized the importance of interaction design when he created a beautiful computer, brought it home, and realized that enjoyment is limited without a good interior design.
Karim Rashid pointed out that we often have a difficult time adjusting to new designs. He mentions cameras as one of the things that never seem to evolve in form. Why do digital cameras have the same form as many years ago when they don’t even need film? People tend to buy objects that they can relate to. Technology advances so quickly that consumers are often overwhelmed by new products and faced by time constraints, so they would rather purchase something that they are familiar with than take time to learn how to use a new object.


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