How color transforms a single design: the Every Burger snack

I’ve recently enjoyed a cute Japanese snack called Every Burger. The bright red color of the box of tiny biscuits jumped out at me when it was juxtaposed with a box of Strawberry Pocky, compelling me to make the five dollar purchase. The color is comparable to the common red box holding McDonald’s French fries. Making this comparison brought me back to the fact that color is subjective. The bright red color of the box may only have stood out because it was positioned next to a light colored snack much different in size and shape. The Strawberry Pocky’s packaging is slim and tall, while the Every Burger packaging is shorter and plumper all around. If positioned next to a snack box of the same color or same shape, Every Burger can not stand out as much. As emphasized by Albers, colors transform depending on the size and color juxtaposition.

The design of the box for Every Burger is appropriate for the product. It draws attention using red, green, yellow, and brown; reminding one of the redness of a tomato; the fresh greenness of the lettuce; the milkyness of yellow cheese; the soft brown color of the bun; and darkness of the juicy meat patty. Each color corresponds to a different characteristic of a real burger. Although the larger burger is overlapped by the smaller realistic burgers, it still stands out in the center of the box cover because it is outlined in bright green, which contrasts with the red since they are on opposite ends of the color wheel. Further accentuating the “pop-up” effect, the centered burger overlaps a pool of realistic melted chocolate which matches the innards of the smaller burgers. The smaller burgers are outlined in a beaming white so that the airbrushed brownness of the buns do not melt into the bright red.

The effective use of color for Every Burger allows the viewer to bond with the packaging as well as the product. The attractive design utilizes color in a way that is straightforward, but still attractive and tidy.


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