Mass-produced object of industrial design

On a hot summer day, we can eagerly press cool cans or bottles of Pepsi to our sweaty, red faces. The shape of the can of Pepsi is portably convenient, as we can hold its smooth aluminum surface in just one hand. Although Pepsi is mass-produced worldwide, its circular icon is distinctly American with its red, white, and blue color. The curvy strip of white divides the equally sized red and blue portions, giving the icon visual rhythm. Placing the Pepsi icon against a light blue background makes the product look “colder,” which makes the bright red warm color less obvious.
Recently, Pepsi has redesigned its icon and logo to a simpler look. There is now a different visual rhythm within the icon’s design and the logo is designed differently too. The older version of the logo had serifs while the newer has sans-serif. Perhaps they borrowed the idea from Mario?
It is not always that the logo and icon are placed against a blue background. Sometimes it is placed against other “cold” colors so that consumers can distinguish between different types of flavors. Often experimental flavors are released to lure curious customers spend a little pocket money to try something new. 


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