Minecraft Hololens reveals anticipated future of gaming

 Minecraft Image       Microsoft Hololens Demo E3 2015


The idea of virtual reality gaming being readily available to the average person had always been wishful thinking; however, on June 15th 2015 during the E3 2015 conference, Microsoft reveals the future of Minecraft.

Microsofts walks the audience through a comprehensive demo entailing many of the the elements desired in VR gaming. Through the Hololens the user enjoys a first person view of Minecraft’s unique world. Starting with a 2D projection on the back wall, Microsoft displays the users ability to move and to look around the blocky land. The simple projection shows just a sliver of the potential control the user has at his fingertips though. The Hololens placed upon a camera lens on the stage projects a 3D view on a table, issuing applause and cheers from the audience. Like a God, the user can manipulate the world using just his voice and hands. Switching perspectives of the land, lifting the earth, and following another player are all possible with the Hololens.

With the reveal of the developing Minecraft Hololens, a new generation of gaming is not so far off after all.


Microsoft Minecraft Hololens Demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=14&v=xgakdcEzVwg


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