Plants vs Zombies Adventures – First Impression


Today was the beta launch of Plants vs Zombies Adventures by PopCap. Like many other PvZ fans, I waited for this day in eagerness and am not the least bit disappointed.

I appreciate how PvZA managed to maintain the quirky flavor of the game while adding in new elements. The goal is still the same: you use adorable plants to fight off zombies who are trying to break into your house to eat your brain. I tried to limit my gameplay of PvZA for fear of being sucked into the black hole of addiction, but here is my first impression.


The most noticeable difference between PvZA and the original PvZ is the graphic style. PvZA has a “painted” 3D look whereas the original PvZ was flat but built with bright pixels. Similar to many other Facebook platform games, PvZA has the boardgame-like approach where players must complete a sequence of stages in order to move on in the adventure. The storyline is still humorous and comes with those silly notes that the zombies like to leave at your doorstep.

Another noteable difference is the fact that you now build towns and you must grow the plants you will use on your adventure in town.  There are 4 types of currency: Zombucks, Coins, Gems, and Sun. Zombucks are used to purchase things for your town, Coins are used to grow plants, Gems are used to speed up the process of building and growing, and Sun are used to install plants to defend your house as usual. 

Overall, I have a very positive first impression of Plants vs Zombies Adventures and think that PopCap did a great job keeping the original essence of the game alive while incorporating new elements to appeal to both old and new audiences. Of course, I must say that the game is no walk in the park; I’ve had my brain eaten a couple times already. But what’s a game without a challenge?

P.S. If you want a quick look at all the new features of PvZA, I suggest you take a peek at Crazy Dave’s Garden.



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