A Hook-On Balcony Table!



Berlin based designer Michael Hilgers introduces BalKonzept, a table which can be hooked onto your balcony. You can even grow plants in the hole grooved into the section which hooks over. They come in a variety of colors and appear to be made of plastic. I’m not sure if the BalKonzept is portable, but when I first saw the product, I thought it would be fun if you could take this table and a small stool to the park, find a railing to hook onto and just chill there with a book. But that’d be kind of an odd sight. Imagine a bunch of university students all lined up with their BalKonzepts and studying in front some long railing. Well, at least they won’t be in the way of hallway traffic since they’re off to the side. I’m not sure if I could trust myself to study that close to a ledge knowing my level of clumsiness though (all my pencils are just going to roll off). On the other hand, it would be really nice to be able to watch my plants grow while I study and enjoy the view below! To see more of Michael Hilgers work, head over to http://www.ex-t.com/designers/michael-hilgers


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