Project Requirements: Client vs Budget

Image of Plated Box Meal Kit
A Plated Box Meal Kit – Source:

How can a company ensure that requirements match client demands and also project resources?

A company can implement requirements with the highest priority into the project first, and then add the other requirements to the project as funding improves. This minimizes risk and loss in the business. Box Meal companies are currently using this method. Box Meal companies deliver kits containing all the necessary ingredients and the recipes for a home-prepared meal. A key requirement of the service is to provide a way for busy families to conveniently prepare meals at home. The kit contains all the ingredients pre-measured and eliminates the need for clients to run to the store, saving a large amount of preparation time. However, the service is not cheap and can cost as much as $15 per meal. Currently, Box Meal companies focus on marketing to busy, health-conscious millennial urbanites, who are more likely to make the splurge. They hope to service a broader range of clients with cheaper meal-kit alternatives but know that it is not worth it to invest a large amount of project resources into it just yet. Since the concept of the meal-kit is new and growing, Box Meal companies are seeking investors and exploring ways to market and build awareness of their service.

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