Should we teach our kids to code?

The millennial generation is all about the web, computers, and smartphones. Since the trend of Facebook games and Angry Birds isn’t expected to die out any time soon, why not teach our kids about the Internet frameworks at an even earlier age? Maybe our kids will start to appreciate social devices in a different way, and parents won’t grumble because their kids are learning while having fun.

A series of beautiful books by John Vanden-Heuvel introduces toddlers to the world of HTMl and CSS. With HTML for Babies and CSS for Babies, little ones can “become familiar with the visual patterns and symbols that make up the essential building blocks of the Web.”


Reading books can be a bore to kids, even if they are interested in learning a topic. Hakitzu, a game by Kuato Studios, is an entertaining way to teach kids how to code. A robot follows lines of Javascript inputted by the player in order to complete game objectives. The game is currently available for iPad (Generation 2 and above), iPad Mini, iPhone 4S & 5 and iPod Touch 5.


Hopefully, more compelling methods of teaching our kids about the way the web works will be released in the future. Maybe a better understanding of the Internet framework will help kids make smarter choices over what they post to the web and keep them engaged in the willingness to learn.




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