Small ideas, big design: Beading

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There is a lot of borrowing that occurs in the world of design.

My first beading book, which I picked up during middle school, was a huge inspiration to my view of design today. Design to me is more than just creating something new. It often takes old ideas and portrays them in a new light based on another creator’s interests and preferences. Beading started out as simple and instructional, but as I gradually improved my techniques I began to create beaded objects without any reference. I often drew inspirations from beading patterns created by various bead-lovers, but instead of strictly following their designs, I would add my own twist by changing the size, color, and shape of the beads. For example, I would follow a pattern created by another bead-user, but manipulate the colors and materials used. A pattern for a blue flower may be altered so that its petals are smaller or the beads are less shiny.

Beading also taught me that design is about trial and error. Sometimes after hours of stringing and unstringing beads from my 0.5mm silver wires, I would realized that plain thread would have been more sufficient, or I would grimace at poor color combinations and take apart finished products for a re-do. I loved beading because it was challenging and relaxing at the same time. Creating hundreds of beaded objects in the past few years taught me that one always has to start from scratch when learning something new, and presenting a design that is solely made by oneself is also very rewarding.


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