Why I love Katy Perry

I didn’t give Katy Perry even an ounces thought until I tried the Just Dance 3 “California Girls” routine. The following weekend I was exposed to her presence once again when large banners of her flaunting her curvaceous body for PopChips were displayed at mall. The banners were displayed around every corner, forcing me to continuously acknowledge Katy and the apparently healthy alternative to potato chips. It didn’t help that my mom insisted on knowing who the girl was and why we kept seeing her. Gee, I don’t know mom, people like her because she looks like Marilyn Monroe?
My first impression of her was that she’s everywhere, in an annoying sense. But that changed when I started creating kinetic typography. Out of all the official lyric videos that I surfed through for inspiration, the ones of her songs fascinated me the most. The official lyric videos for “Part of Me,” “Wide Awake,” “Dressing Up” made a total fan out of me. “Part of Me” is my all-time favorite lyric music video and I will explain why.
The lyric music video for “Part of Me” is just stunning and boasts over 36 million YouTube views. The beautiful font and its grungy texture, the perpetual sense of motion, the spot on word pacing, the gorgeous lighting, and effects that complimented the lyrics were just undeniably…I can’t find another word for it…awesome. I was not bored at any point of this video. This video disproved the saying “variety is the spice of life.” Only one font is used throughout the whole song, but an array of lovely effects and clever use of the 3D space was enough to keep me entertained. The jagged edges of the unique font complimented the mood and lyrics of the video. You could see how well the jagged edges of the font went with the “chewed me up and spit me out like I was poison in your mouth.” The color choices of pink, grey, and blue softened the digital palette, reminding us that this song is about leaving a poor relationship. My most favorite part is when “but you’re not going to break my soul” spirals up and then wavers in time to Katy’s vibrato. I could just go on and on about everything I admire about the video.
Despite all the wonderful aspects of “Part of Me,” I was really bothered by the yellow sunglasses. I believe that for lyric music videos, graphics should be used consistently or not at all. The yellow sunglasses “popchipped” out of nowhere and no other graphics aside from that hideous pair of eyewear were used in the video. Regardless, I still really loved it hope that Katy Perry continues to release lyric videos which are as striking as “Part of Me.”


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